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Rollin' Bonez

Spanish, Gothic, Casino, Guitar, Vibraphone, Organ

Chicago 1999

Noir, Detective, Mystery, Crime Show, Jazz, Synths 

The Rom Com Zombie Prom

Monsters, High School, Romance, Electronic Pop

Stuck in Parallel

Dimensions, Puzzles, Concentration, Synths

Arcadian Adventum

Fantasy, Action, RPG, Adventure, Orchestral

Dwerve Demo

Fantasy, Adventure, Trailer, Synths + Orchestral


Sci-Fi, Puzzle Platformer, Processed Voice

The Tranquil Unknown

Sci-Fi, Exploration, Peaceful, Ambient

Dad Joke Overload

Comedic, Action, 8 Bit Inspired, Synths


The Kinesigraph

Steampunk silent film featuring vignettes. Comedy, romance, and action. Solo piano.

New York Subway

Silent film of subway train under NYC in 1910. Multi-genre piece for violin, sax, bass guitar, piano, and drums.


In Stitches

Spinning Thread, Weaving Cloth, Contemplative, Wind + String Quintet

Rever: Twin Worlds

Game Concept, Travel, Adventure, Baroque Trio + Programmed Drums

The Building of the Wall

Norse Mythology, Storytelling, Deception, Vocal Quartet


​(​Press B​!​!​! Press B​!​!​! Press B​!​!​!​)

The Secret Trance

Adventure is Calling

Banjo-Kazooie Main Theme, Punk Rock + Rap 

All Gone

The Last of Us All Gone, String Quartet

Thames on the Field

Xenogears Thames, Spirit of the Men of the Sea, Percussion Ensemble + Choir

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Kaepora Gaebora (Owl), J-Rock

Diddy Kong Racing The Secret Tune, Uplifting Trance


A Jumbo Shrimp in a Miniature Ocean

Games, Excitement, Adventure, Fun, Electronic Pop

Dance of the

Magic, Wonder, Dance, Whimsy, Strings, Bass Guitar, Percussion

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