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I was born with an NES controller in my hand...

...not really, but I was handed one shortly thereafter and have been a rabid gamer ever since. I spent almost all of my public school years studying numerous instruments and performing in various award-winning school ensembles while playing as many games as I could get my hands on. I then attended Union College, where Hilary Tann inspired me to study composition and mentored me through composing for a chamber ensemble, creating a process piece for any instrumentation, and writing a ten minute piece for full orchestra as my thesis, among other projects. While at Union, I was also fortunate enough to study ethnomusicology, Wadaiko, and Balinese Gamelan with Jennifer Matsue, and to earn a research fellowship studying and writing for taiko with her. It was after writing a paper on video game music as a method of dissemination for Japanese composers that I realized what I needed to do with my life - write music that contributes to an amazing gaming experience! I went on to earn my MFA in Music Composition with a focus on scoring for media from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and started working as a freelance composer. I strive to bring two of my greatest passions together by pursuing a career in game audio and scoring for film and other media. In my first year at VCFA, I studied film scoring and wrote tracks in a variety of genres under Don DiNicola. In my second, I worked on writing music for advertising and video game scoring with Ravi Krishnaswami. I'm proficient in Finale 2014 and Logic Pro X, and I work in a variety of genres from electronic pop to dramatic orchestral themes. I am a member of the Game Audio Network Guild, the International Game Developers Association (Albany, NY chapter), and the Materia Collective. My hope is to spread the joy I've gotten from video games with others by writing memorable music they'll love!

Amanda Laven is a composer and sound designer whose focus is music for media, with an emphasis on music for video games. She specializes in synthesizing stylistic references into original pieces based on narratives, moods, and visual art. She most enjoys collaborating with artists in any medium to amplify their voices while expressing her own. She is also a big nerd who loves games, movies, cartoons, cats, crochet, and sour beer. You can read more of her story here.

Email me at: info@amandalaven.com

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