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Half Human Games is developing Dwerve, a tower defense dungeon crawling RPG. You play as the titular character. Dwerve's dwarven village is under attack by trolls, so he must travel deep into their lair to destroy their secret weapon using turrets and traps of his own. Half Human Games put out a call for composers in July 2019, and I scored their demo video as an audition. My approach followed their request for ambient synth tunes with fantasy orchestral melodies on top. While Half Human ultimately chose to go with a different composer, I enjoyed working on this demo and am very much looking forward to playing the game! You can learn more about the game at Dwerve.com. 

Amanda Laven is a composer and sound designer whose focus is music for media, with an emphasis on music for video games. She specializes in synthesizing stylistic references into original pieces based on narratives, moods, and visual art. She most enjoys collaborating with artists in any medium to amplify their voices while expressing her own. She is also a big nerd who loves games, movies, cartoons, cats, crochet, and sour beer. You can read more of her story here.

Email me at: info@amandalaven.com

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