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Rollin' Bonez

Music & Sound Design

Enter a Spanish gothic casino and bet with your bones in this skeleton craps game! Rollin' Bonez was made for Ludum Dare #44 hosted by Tech Valley Game Space in Troy, New York by Amy Flaherty, Will Carpentier, Jacob Freedman, and Amanda Laven, with Special Thanks to Taro Omiya, Jamey Stevenson, and Muse en Lystrala. For more information and to play for free, click here!

Thames on the Field


Materia Collective's OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears was released on December 7th, 2018 and features 44 tracks arranged by the members of the collective, including this percussion ensemble arrangement of "Thames, Spirit of the Men of the Sea." Featuring the talents of Amanda Laven, Bonnie Bogovich, Chris Muggli-Miller, Daniel Romberger, Doug Perry, Gal Gershovsky, Garrett McPherson, Ian Martyn, James C. Hoffman, John Stacy, Liz Rishel, Marcela Estelië, Matheus Manente, Nautilus T Party, Trey Hodge, and Troisnyx. Mallets, drums, voices, and more embody the spirit of the men of the sea in a rousing performance!

プレスビー!!!プレスビー!!!プレスビー!!! (Press B!!! Press B!!! Press B!!!)


Materia Collective's FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask was released on May 25th, 2018 and features 79 tracks (!) arranged by the members of the collective, including this j-rock inspired version of Kaepora Gaebora's theme (the Owl theme) which features the talents of Amanda Laven, Andrew Filipski, Ann Zeng, Austin Hart, Bijan Bryan Eghtesady, Bonnie Bogovich, Brian Diamond, Daniel Romberger, Jim Newsome, Garrett Steele, Gregory Orosz, Ian Martyn, James C. Hoffman, Jay Kim, Julia Handschin, Marcela Estelië, Margie Halloran, Matheus Sardinha Garcia Souza, Natalie Ay, Patricio Thielemann, Saoirse Mings, Tiago Rodrigues, and Zachary Kohlmeier, with Japanese lyrics translated by Chris Porter  You can purchase this track and the rest of the album on Bandcamp!


Original Score

The illustrious Brass family meets an inventor whose moving picture contraption quickly captures their attention, and each family member has a very different idea of what the subject of its first film should be! Read more about this Battleground Productions film at the bottom of this page, then click over to the Podcast tab to listen to the audio drama (with original music by Amanda Laven starting with Episode 11!)

Amanda Laven is a composer and sound designer whose focus is music for media, with an emphasis on music for video games. She specializes in synthesizing stylistic references into original pieces based on narratives, moods, and visual art. She most enjoys collaborating with artists in any medium to amplify their voices while expressing her own. She is also a big nerd who loves games, movies, cartoons, cats, crochet, and sour beer. You can read more of her story here.

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